Apres Moi (goddess_pele) wrote in what_sound,
Apres Moi

Name: Annette.
Age: seventeen.
Location: Sydney, Australia.
Occupation: Student.
Favourite Bands: Tori Amos. Lamb. Moloko. Portishead. Sia. Bjork. Sandrine. Massive Attack. Rufus Wainwright. Fiona Apple. George. Air. Telepopmusik. Smoke City. Placebo.
Favourite Lamb album: What Sound Disc 2
Favourite Lamb song: Gorecki. B Line. Learn. Gabriel.

Oh and merry xmas + a happy new year.

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I'm from Sydney too, cool :)
Hello fellow Sydney based Lamb fan. There's not too many I know of.
I know your pain. May I add you?
Of course. And I shall add you.
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